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Viper FAQ

How bad on fuel?

Not bad at all really, sure if you push it then you will use a lot but for general use you will see between 15 and 25 mpg – sometimes higher. This is better than many other performance cars.

I’d buy one but they are all LHD!

They certainly are all LHD but unless you intend to drive like a headcase the impact is really minimal. The only real issues are with passing stopped busses or using toll booths. A passenger makes both of these scenarios easier. With a surplus of power and massive torque passing in any gear is easy and being on the left means you can sneak a peak underneath the slower car in front.

They must be expensive to run?

No, most definitely not. They are not complex cars and are robustly built with many parts being sourced from other Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep vehicles. Parts can be easily and quickly sourced from specialist, club recognised suppliers in the US. A full set of 10 Gen 2 sparkplugs should set you back no more than £30 which is less than the price of one plug on many slower performance cars, and only take about an hour to change them all with plenty of time for a cool drink halfway.

I bet they don’t go round corners!

As common a misconception as LHD being a show stopper. These are highly successful racing cars and every gen of car will corner as if on rails. Nordschleif lap record holder, multiple Le Mans class winner etc.

How would I maintain one?

As above, they are not complex and require little specialist knowledge. We have an active and very supportive club in the UK who can recommend good mechanics or support self maintenance.

Why would I buy one?

  1. The Viper has stunning performance, is very reliable and relatively economical (for what it is). Compared to other hand made supercars they are also cheap to buy and run. They are very recognisable and highly lauded cars but strangely are still unusual in the UK. This combination of facts means that these cars draw a crowd wherever you go.  They seem to have a universal appeal and do not generate the jealousy that other supercars do.

  2. We are often invited to display our cars at national and local events and pound for pound the value from a Viper from all angles is pretty much unbeatable.

What else do I need to know?

  1. When buying one please ask the club first. There are some ringers out there. HPI will not cover any cars history before it has been imported so something called a Carfax report (US version of HPI) will be necessary. Most of the cars already in the UK will be known about so please ask before hand.

  2. Joining the VOA is a great way to meet the few other British and European owners and get support and insight on your new toy!