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Grim up Norf Viper Meet

In an attempt to shift the balance of Viper events further north, new Viper owner and VOA member Stuart Smith is organizing the "Grim up Norf Viper meet".

This is the chance for all Viper owners who consider Luton to be "down souf" to get together and make a new event with new friends, and for all those who think Luton is "up norf" to get your inoculations and passport updated and pack that viper for the longer journey. I'm sure we can get some tips and tricks on how to prepare and pack your viper for long haul travel from those who have been trekking south for so long. But I am assured there are petrol stations up there and there may be enough of them that you may not even have to stop at every one of them to fill up just in case.

Stuart has even put together a detailed map to rival anything put out by the Ordnance Survey. So come on Viper owners in the area, and those further afield, be it north or south, put your name down, go and have a pub lunch with some fellow viper owners. What's the worst that could happen, you have a pub lunch with some strangers the same as you would with any pub lunch, but there will be Vipers there and you may just make some great new friends and kick-start the VOA in the area.

To put you name down visit VOA UK Region or Viper Forum on PH or email us at

The details from Stuart

All VOA members welcome, and any viper enthusiast!

Date: (provisionally) Sunday 20th September
Time: 12/1pm (Time enough for people to drive up)
Location: Black Swan, Hollins Green, Warrington, WA3 6LA

I picked this pub as it's in a nice area, big car park and I knows the Landlord.

The pub has accommodation, very nice accommodation in fact but it's up to the owners if they comfy leaving their vipers outside overnight. It's a nice area and it should be fine but I don't want to be responsible! So that's up to them. A plan would be, if we finish food around 3pm, that would give us enough time to go for a drive around Manchester or Cheshire, and if its a nice day, maybe venture into Manchester Centre and give the locals something to look at. Then stop at a pub for a final drink? If there's parking...