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Whilst Vipers are generally quite reliable, let’s be honest some of them are getting on in life and things can go wrong and usually as your putting her back in the garage washed and polished for an event the following weekend.  Whilst we have some excellent suppliers on our Support Crew page most of them are in the USA and whilst international post can be quite quick, when you have a puddle of oil on the floor and a big event in two days they are an ocean away.

Many club members have built up a garage full of parts, either for projects never completed, take offs after a bigger idea found itself being installed or just that spare oil filter picked up on special offer on vacation.

A benefit of being part of the VOA UK is that we can all pool together and help each other out.  Below is a list of example parts we may just have lying around and could get your Viper fixed up ready for that show or event whilst you wait for the postman.  This is not a classifieds page, these parts are not necessarily for sale, or available all the time, details of the transaction whether its a loan, swap for part on order or sale will be at the discretion of the person owning the part and any transaction is and agreement between them and you and not the VOA UK. It’s also not an exhaustive list, so if you have a busted gasket and you only see an oil filter, Drop us a line anyway and we will see what we can do.

Oil filter
Gen2 serpentine belt (used take-offs but better than nothing)