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Here you can find information on vendors and service providers that members have found to be useful with the products and services they provide.


Tators Garage

The home of Chuck Tator the "Viper Wizard" and great friend of the UK Viper club.

Phone 001-914-763-3136

Tator's Garage 20 Spring Street South in South Salem, NY 10590, USA
Fax 001-914-763-9507

US Automotive

U.K Warehouse Distributor of replacement parts for American cars and light trucks. Oftern provides discount to club members

Roe Racing

US supplier of many performance and stock parts

Parts Rack

If it fits on or in a Viper, it's at PartsRack! Just don't call Jon B on a Monday morning!


US supplier of new and used parts, so if you are looking for that rare out of production part they may have a used one to get you back on the road again.

Don Scharf Automotive

US breaker of damaged vipers. Often has a viper wreck with that hard to find part on it which you need, Members report it is ofter better to call than email or the web site.


BJ Motors/Tomball/Viper-Exchange

At least one member has had success purchasing and exporting a new Viper from Bernie at BJ Motors.


Kingstown Shipping

So you have brought that viper in the USA and found there is no ferry service between LA and Dover. Several Club members have solved this problem with the help of Kingstown shipping.

Embroidered Clothing

Bradley textiles

Bradly Textiles have been used to produce club jackets and shirts embroidered to our specifications

Discounts and Disclaimer

In some cases mentioning your membership of the Viper Owners Association may enable you to receive special offers or pricing, we have tried to indicate possible offers above, however the special offer or pricing received will be at the discretion of the vendor at the time of transaction and subject to their own policy, nothing mentioned here is a guarantee or entitlement to such discounts or offers.

The presence of a vendor on this page does not constitute a formal recommendation or endorsement by the VOA UK, and even if it did, all transactions are between you and the vendor and as such you are advised to do your own research, the VOA UK cannot be held responsible or become involved in any transactions arising from the use of these listings, web site or even utterance at the bar.